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NLC offer a complete solution for all your transport and distribution requirements including warehousing, re-packaging, freight forwarding, distribution, and collection services throughout the UK, Ireland and the European mainland. Situated at the crossroads of the M6 and M62 and with a fleet of twenty (20) vehicles ranging from vans to forty four (44) ton trucks. NLC Transport has the capacity to ensure your goods arrive on time.

In partnership with Geodis and Fortec Pallet Distribution Network Ltd you can be confident that NLC Transport have the ability “To deliver the goods”.

For all sales enquiries please contact: sales@nlctransport.co.uk

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About us

NLC Transport was established as partnership in 2000 to provide drivers and vehicles to local companies. The organisation quickly expanded and in 2001 the Limited Company was formed and the decision was taken to provide direct transport and distribution services. Continual expansion has seen the fleet expand to twenty 20 vehicles and further partnerships have enabled the Company to offer transport solutions throughout the UK, Southern Ireland and the European mainland.

Warehousing is now an important part of the organisation and recent contracts have seen this part of the business expand into offering re-packaging services. Operating 24 hours a day and six (6) days a week the Company has the flexibility to meet the most demanding deadlines.

For all sales enquiries please contact: sales@nlctransport.co.uk


Transport services (UK)

In addition to the services we offer as part of the Fortec Pallet Distribution Network we are also able to offer transport services for all types of goods either as part of an agreed contract or one off loads. The key points of our service are:


Warehouse services

Our modern warehouse facility enables us to provide an efficient service to our current contract customers in addition to meeting demands from one off clients. We have the ability to provide a repackaging service and to then to provide onward distribution. The facility is fully manned and available 24 hours a day from Monday to Saturday.

In addition to Pallet Storage we are also able to handle loose loads for either short or long term periods.


Pallet distribution

NLC Transport Services Ltd is part of the Fortec Pallet Network which provides Nationwide and European Pallet Distribution. The Fortec Pallet Network was formed over ten years ago and is now made up of over fifty (50) companies like NLC Transport Ltd which together offer a seamless pallet delivery network.

Each member of the network is responsible for the collection and delivery of pallets within their local postcode areas. All the pallets we collect within our area are trunked each night on our state of the art double deck trailers to the central hub in Rugby. They are then sorted through the hub to other network members who then take them for distribution in their postcode areas. We in turn bring back the pallets from other network members for delivery in our allocated postcode areas the following day.


General distribution

We are able to offer distribution services for none pallet loads to most destinations. Using our partnership arrangements most types of loads can be accommodated and this can also be combined with our Warehousing service. In particular we are now able to offer a freight forwarding service through our partnership with the Geodis Group.

If you are looking for a reliable partner who can offer reliable distributions services at competitive prices then please complete a quotation form which can be found in the “Get a quote” section of the website.



The Fortec Pallet Distribution Network operates through an efficient structure of over 50 service driven independent regional transport specialists covering local postcode areas of the UK and Ireland. The network’s diverse and flexible range of services are linked through a modern purpose built central hub near Rugby strategically located at the heart of the UK motorway network.

The Fortec Central hub at Rugby has recently undergone a major reconfiguration which has enhanced efficiency and pallet volume throughput.

Through Fortec’s integrated systems every regional licensee is linked to the central operation in Rugby. Each licensee quickly becomes part of the Fortec service culture. It is a personal service under the Fortec banner that helps to attract a diverse range of customers including many blue chip companies for whom Fortec is the number one choice


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